Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gaia - A New Find

On the weekend I went to an expo and discovered (actually, Popeye discovered and he shared his find with me!) Gaia Skin Naturals Australia.
ALL of their products are vegan (and are labelled as such) with the exception of their baby skin soothing lotion (which is like a nappy rash cream) which contains beeswax. I spoke with Michelle, the lovely owner of the company, and informed me that they are yet to find a vegan friendly, chemical free ingredient to soothe the nappy rash on a baby's bottom (other choices on the market include petrochemicals or lanolin. Sometimes, for the health and well being of baby, the lesser of the three evils needs to be chosen).

facial_exfoliant.gif  I picked up a couple of things for myself at the expo and had the pleasure of trialling a few things today. I washed my face with Gaia's facial exfoliant that contains super finely crushed walnut shells, organic ingredients and essential oils. Only a tiny bit is required and it felt great on my skin.


I followed this up (after drying off my skin) with a spray of this refreshing toner and immediately after I rubbed in some facial moisturiser, both of which my skin LOVED and soaked it up in no time!

foaming-cleanser-pink-grapefruit-large.jpgI also have this foaming cleaner which I haven't tried yet.

Lastly, while at the expo, I felt some of their bamboo baby wipes, which look quite thin but are really, really tough and extremely smooth.

I may well be preaching to the converted, but since I was unaware of these wonderful vegan products, I assume others may not have heard of them either.

Gaia products (including mens and pregnancy) can now be bought at Priceline stores, Coles, pharmacies and more. Check out this list of Australian stockists.

If you haven't tried Gaia, I recommend you check them out. If you already use Gaia, I'd love to hear what you love (or not like, for that matter) so I can look into trying them too!


Vegan MoFo


Hi there!

I've decided to break my posting drought by participating in this years' Vegan MoFo. I'm thinking I'll pick four of my cookbooks and cook for a week out of each one and blog.

So, that's my theme. What's yours?