About Us

Me (Tahn)
Some things you may or may not like to know about me!

*I'm a 30-something homeschooling mumma with a Bachelor of Education.
*We live in Melbourne, Australia and I LOVE it here!
*There are 3 things I'm passionate about (in no particular order!):
                  * my 3 babies
                  *home schooling
*I really love to WOW people, especially omnis, with fantastically awesome tasting vegan foods.
*I love cooking for people, but because my house is always messy, it doesn't happen too often!
*I'm a qualified personal trainer, but you wouldn't know it!
*We ride our bikes or take PT almost everywhere.
*I have two cute puddy cats who are 100% inside pussies. They FREAK out when people enter our house and they run off and hide!
* I love comedies and ANYTHING funny!
* I love to read!


Popeye is my long suffering boyfriend (he has to put up with me!) who lives almost an hour-and-a-half away. He's in the navy, and, if I'm lucky, we'll see each other on weekends.


Tweenie is my eldest child. She's 12 and goes to a mainstream high school. She's loving and caring (most of the time) and is great with little kids. She loves to cook - especially bake - and can whip up dinner at a moments notice if necessary. The awesome thing about Tweenie is she will try ANY FOOD I put in front of her, and will almost always love it!

Young Master

YM is the only boy and he's 10. He also loves to cook and makes a mean tofu and potato scramble. He is getting really amazing at cooking WITHOUT a recipe (I am sooo jealous!). He loves home schooling and is thriving. He loves listening to stories, either read by me or audio books, and is a whizz at maths and on the computer. He is compassionate, sensitive and loving. The most fabulous thing about YM is his love for his mother! No one can resist his big blue eyes and huge smile.


Baby is in fact, the baby! She's almost 9 and is also home schooled. She's our little artist and is always drawing, painting or making something. She is almost always smiling and loves to push the boundaries! Cooking is not one of her favourite things and she much prefers to eat what someone else has made! The most amazing thing about Baby is her ability to make me think out side of the square!