Monday, June 7, 2010


At a BBQ Saturday night:

Daughter to father: What's that? (pointing to a couscous dish I made)
Father to daughter: It's a rice dish, I think.
Me: It's couscous.
Father to Daughter: Oh, you won't like it.

(It was actually surprising to watch who ate the couscous, and who chose to eat the standard BBQ food of coleslaw and potato salad).

Host to Me (we've never met): So what made you go vegan?
Me: Well...(insert usual banter here)
Host: (actually the host must have decided that I was quite boring and turned away and appeared to not be interested in the question that SHE asked!)




Anonymous said...

hey tahn.. stumbled upon this blog.. dont know if you read it but similar situation to you guys...

she sounds AWESOME

Tahn said...

Yep, onto her! She makes me feel so very inadequate! I have tried many of her recipes including the home made lara bars (which ROCK!)

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me, Carla **hugs**

Anonymous said...

hi love! there is going to be a "winter warmer" potluck at my place on the 11th of July... email me for address! hope you can make it! xo

Anonymous said...

oh and my email address is!