Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's Tasty Foods

Looking for a tasty dip (not sure what I wanted, but I thought it would jump out at me when I saw it) I stumbled across a raw cheesy dip that sounded ok, but with only 4 ingredients I didn't know how well it would go.

Let me just say this - TRY IT!

WOW. It really does taste like cheese! It tasted FANTASTIC with the broccolini stalks I picked up for cheap yesterday, although the kids loved it with red capsicum sticks, and carrots.

(in case you were wondering and couldn't be bothered clicking on the link to see what the four ingredients were, they are: cashews, nama shoyu, red capsicum and lemon juice)

Tonight, I had left over salad for dinner (actually, the curried carrot salad that I love) so the kids and I made Cauliflower Yellow Capsicum soup. 

The  kids loved it. Again, having not tasted it, you'll just have to take their word for it!

Once again, photos are so crap, apologies! I am really, really, really lazy and usually grab the closest thing to me to capture the food before it (the food) gets munched!



Christie said...

The cauliflower soup sounds good to me. Thanks for the passion fruit/frozen banana ice cream idea!

x said...

The dip sounds good!

And I'm so sorry, I contacted the Melb vegans I know on facebook and forgot to contact people through their blogs :( But lucky you, living near La Panella!