Thursday, March 18, 2010

Freaky Family

So much has been going on 'round here! For the most part, though, I have been able to keep up with everyones blogs - just haven't had time (or the inclination, really) to keep up with mine!

I've decided to add another freaky factor to our already freaky family (we already are viewed by others as 'a bit weird' because we are passionate vegans). I am going to homeschool my children.

Officially we are starting next term and the children are to finish off this term at school (Popeye's suggestion). Unofficially, we have started and they kids have stayed home here and there during the last few weeks.

It is totally legal in ALL states in Australia, and particularly easy to register in Victoria. You only need to send off a form for the Government to keep track of you and your children. No checks, no planning to show, no home visits, nothing.

Yesterday all three kids stayed home and we had a fantastic day. We watched a doco about hippopotamuses (which the kids loved! They now have an amazing fascination with documentaries!). Tweenie took notes and we discussed it all the way through. They had a couple of questions they wanted answered, so Tweenie wrote those down as well. When it had finished we wrote the questions on the whiteboard and they all chose one to research. Then they made little hippo books and wrote some hippo facts into it. This will be the start of our 'animal' themed lapbooks.

Then we went out to the shed. Popeye had a couple of boxed shelves he bought ages ago but never put together. Tweenie and YM were told to work together to assemble one, and Baby and I worked on the other. Baby and I worked really well - actually she did most of the work, I just facilitated. Tweenie and YM eventually got there, and learnt a lot along the way about working as a team, trying not to get frustrated, reading instructions carefully!

Next we went inside and worked together to make some lunch and do the dishes followed by watching another doco (this one on the giant octopus). After lunch Tweenie worked on her school project and YM and Baby individually read to me (Growing Granny Grasshead) and then they wrote directions on how to make a grasshead. Today I'll try and get the materials needed and they can make it themselves.

We watched yet another doco (I told you they loved them!) about black bears. Then I read a chapter of 'The Wishing Chair' By Enid Blyton (I just love how the children speak in those old books!!). Lastly we all went to the park (Popeye had made the long journey home to see us last night) and played a couple of games - S.P.U.D -which we changed to P.O.O to make the game go quicker; hospital tag; and dodgeball tag. So much fun!!

What a day! So much learning! So much fun! And our family is learning to love, respect and appreciate each other more. I love it!

Changing track a bit...I decided to go RAW for 90 days about 9 days ago. I have been going great guns! Not feeling hungry or left out. Lost 2 kgs. Yesterday, when the kids and I were making lunch I really just felt like some cooked food, so I had a bit of the lunch followed by a heap of lollies :( Oh well, back on track today. I don't feel bad about the cooked food - I figure I can have that whenever I feel like it- rather the lollies. I haven't even had any cravings for sugar all week. I think it was the all or nothing mentality. I ate cooked, so why not eat some other forbidden foods too!

Never mind, today is a new day!



steph said...

I'm really excited for you! Homeschooling really fascinates me, can I ask what made you decide to do it?

Anonymous said...

you are such an inspiration to me Tahn. I'm glad to know you. xo

Tahn said...

Aww, shucks Carla!

Steph, I thought that question might come up! I will make my next post about the reasons I have chosen to home school - too many to fit in here!

Andrea.F said...

Hi Tahn!
Please keep everyone posted about how the homeschooling goes - I still consider it from time to time for my two boys - and your post has started me thinking about it again!
Are you entering the Vegan Bake-Off? I am experimenting this morning - and still haven't decided what to make - too many choices! Andreax

steph said...

Tahn I only ask because I am a huge sticky beak! You don't have to answer, but I like to pry ;oP

Unknown said...

Hi, I've updated you on the Australian Food Blogs webpage

Tahn said...

Cool :)

Eni said...

I am glad that you mentioned Enid Blyton's The Wishing Chair and that you love how children speak in those books. Indeed this observation of yours speaks volumes about Enid Blyton's dynamism as a children's writer, which explains why I have written and published a book on her, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (
Stephen Isabirye