Friday, May 7, 2010

My new book and a COOL comment

Today 'Ani's Raw Food Kitchen' arrived! It is funny that 2 days ago I was frantically writing out recipes before returning the book to the library in case I had a long wait from The Book Depository. But they get the books out to you so fast. I am excitedly waiting for her new book 'Raw Food Essentials' out in a few weeks.

I got an awesome comment yesterday from Ani Phyo herself!!! (well, ok, so maybe it was one of her 'party' but I feel good thinking it was really her!)

This is what she had to say about my blog post yesterday:

Seitahn, thanks so much for enjoying my books and for the post and photos! I'm so happy you're having fun making easy raw recipes. hope you'll enjoy the new one, out june 1...unless you're in LA. first event is tomorrow (3 weeks early!). more recipes and info on my website, along with cooking videos: thanks again for the post and your support doll. 

How cool is that!



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K said...

That's great. I remember I once emailed one of the 'how it all vegan' authors and she wrote back. It's so great when vegan authors are down to earth!

When the weather gets warmer we really should do a raw potluck!