Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photo Post

Reinforcing the concept of lift at Scienceworks.


More about aerodynamics

Art and Craft show - refashioning a pair of pants
This lady was such an awesome help.
Embellishing a jacket

This is where his love of the sewing machine began

The final product - a bag made from a tee shirt. The only thing YM didn't do was sew the zip

A wasabi peanut competition - who could eat the most at one time!
It was a hoot! (I didn't join in!)
I think we got to 15 wasabi peanuts at one time!

Organ Pipes National Park

Climbing up quietly to see what was in the box

Jackson's river (I think from memory) at the NP. We got to see some fairy wrens we had previously learnt about which was pretty exciting.

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