Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ok, I know I have said this before, but this time I mean it! For some reason I really feel like I have my head into it this time! Today is day three, and I am having a blast!

Last time I tried going RAW I mostly had issues with the kids - cooking for them especially, which in turn made me crave their hot food. Well, not this time. I cooked for them day one and two (no cravings), but today I really tried to include them in my meals. After Tweenie came home from school today I gave them all a green smoothie and stirred through some cacao nibs (I have had these around the house for a while now, but today was the first time I tried them. AND THEY ROCK!!!!!!). Then I made some cheesy cauliflower popcorn (small cut cauliflower, shaken with nutritional yeast, and pinch cayenne pepper. This can then be dehydrated, but we chose to eat it straight away.YUM) - all gone.

For dinner I spiralised some zucchini and made a different tomato sauce to go through it (I have previously made a red capsicum sauce to go on the zucchini). This was very nice also. Baby spiralised some apples and is still picking at that as I type.
I have joined a cool website/forum called Raw Food Rehab which has a mountain of information, recipes, advice and answers lots of questions.

I found a few Aussies on the the forum and  I found the recipe for raw zucchini pasta with tomato sauce through one of them (thank you!)

You really should try it.

If you know of other Raw food sites/forums that rock, let me know!



Niki said...

Awesome! I always have the best intentions to go raw for a bit, but find it so hard to resist cravings for hot carby food, especially during winter.

But my sis-in-law tried raw for a month and loved it - shes a great cook and photographer, check out her blog of it here:

Tahn said...

Thanks for the link to your SIL's blog. I've checked it out and her food looks great!

Niki said...

Yep, it is, she's an amazing cook. Try out her Raw Pad Thai, so easy (well, minus the fact you cut up a billion vegetables, but you have a spiralizer yeah?) and soooo delicious!