Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twenty Eleven Resolutions

Wow, it's been a while! 

After much thought I've come up with 4 resolutions I want to work on in 2011.

Avoid consumerism for the whole year.
I'm not sure how I will go here, buying second hand and freebees all allowed, but being addicted to books....(I have purchased a kindle, so I'll try downloading and reading the free ones this year) I have allowed only ONE unnecessary purchase per month, if I need it, so I REALLY have to think about it!
I also have some great ideas regarding birthdays and xmas under this resolution too! No 'STUFF'!!

Avoid refined sugar 
Nuff said!

Return to raw food living
Not to be anal about it though - raw breakfast and lunch, plus part raw dinner should do it.
I did this for 6 weeks last year and the weight just fell off me and I felt FANTASTIC!!!!
Considering that I have just purchased (Dec) 3 new raw books (waiting for arrival) I want to try at least one new raw recipe and blog about it. (I've done one tonight! Blog post and pics coming soon)

Return to a healthy weight and love my body
I think the above two resolutions will definitely help me with this one.

I really really hope this year is WAY better than last year for me!

Rock on 2011! 


Johanna GGG said...

happy new year tahn - good luck with the resolutions

Jackie said...

All the best with your resolutions. The non consumerism one looks great, I just know I couldn't do it. Have a wonderful new year.

lisa dempster said...

Good luck Tahn! I am also avoiding refined sugar these days and don't miss it at all. Check out this blog for some great, healthy, tasty recipes!

singh from dominos india said...

"Return to a healthy weight and love my body" is the perfect resolution and it must follow