Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hearty Breakfasts

I recently told you about how we are having a hearty breakfast in the mornings, a good-sized lunch and a small dinner. It seems to be working really well and the kids are loving the lunches that don't involve sandwiches!

Here are some breakfasts we have been enjoying.

This was amazingly delicious! I was inspired by Green and Crunchy's breakfast sundae post and made it for us all. So good! This will definitely be on our regular rotation. Very sweet - just the way I like it!

This were called Johnny Cakes and they come from 1000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson. They were made with polenta and were good! Robin suggests drizzling them with maple syrup, but I had none, so I sprinkled them with coconut sugar.

I like breakfast muffins. These again came from Robin Robertson's creative mind and were Banana and Walnut Breakfast Muffins. I had no walnuts so I used almonds. And I actually forgot to add the sugar into them and they were still good.

This morning I made 2 giant batches of pancakes - one lot of Flaxseed Blueberry and the other was Spiced Banana, both from Robin again but this time from her Vegan Planet book. I didn't take a picture because I was running a bit late as I was heading off to my first day back to work.

Notice a theme here? They are all sweet! We do actually have savoury types of breakfasts, like scrambles, but we much prefer the sweeter side of life.

On another topic, Girl on Raw has a giveaway from Living Raw Magazine Australia. Go check it out if you want to win!



Johanna GGG said...

I love a savoury breakfast - but I would quite happily try these - those muffins look good - I have been doing low sugar muffins for sylvia lately and have been enjoying them

Tahn said...

Would you like the recipe?

K said...

Tahn, being the dessert freak that I am, I love the idea of the breakfast sundae, and gluten free too! It's one meal I now struggle to come up with good gluten free meal with, so thanks for posting the link!

Tahn said...

You're welcome!!

I love it! It was soooooo delicious!

Sheri (Green and Crunchy) said...

Your breakfast sundae looks awesome! They are a favorite round here -- such a fun way for the kiddos to eat. Thanks for the link-love; glad you tried the sundaes :)

Am enjoying your blog!
Sheri (Green and Crunchy)

Anonymous said...

holy crap! thanks so much for the feeding vegan kids link HELLS YEAH!!

and your comment on friends.. yeah.. its been hard but Im slowly just getting to a point where I just dont care anymore and would prefer to be alone than deal with peoples petty bullshit...

x said...

Every now and then I have a biggish brekky, if they looked like that sundae or the johnny cakes I would have them more often!