Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bali Part I

Seems like ages since I posted! Every now and then blogger doesn't recognise any of the new photos that I upload and I have to restart my computer. But to restart my computer means I have to close the million and one web page tabs that I have opened! So that's why I haven't posted. Good enough reason?

Anyway, finally a post about Bali. As I've gone to type this I have remembered that half of the photos are on the little netbook that I took with me (I missed my Mac though!) so I'll have to get my act together and transfer them onto my Mac and post again.

When we first arrived in Bali it was early in the day and we needed to wait until the afternoon to get into our rooms. What better way to waste a day than in the pool around the bar! The girls were itching for a coconut drink and spend their first rupiahs on one.

Next door the the hotel (we stayed at Bali Garden) was a restaurant that had vegan food specifically labelled on the menu.

Both of these dishes were very nice but it was expensive and not local food. The downfall of the restaurant (well all of them in fact) was that smoking was allowed at the tables. So my inconsiderate sister and B-I-L decided to chain smoke between dishes (and thoughtfully shared the smoke) and I found that really disgusting! Not only were my 3 children there, but also my nephew (my sister's boy), my second cousin (who's about 5) plus my mother and myself who are non smokers! So very rude I thought!

A few days after getting there we found the delicious and cheap local food and gave all the deep fried Western food a miss (sorry, most photos on the netbook!). Eventually we found this amazing fruit salad, which cost well less than $A1!

Jump forward to the last day and the girls decided to get their hair plaited before we left. We also got manicures and I got a pedicure. YM just got bored!

Don't think that YM missed out! He and I spent a few hours together surfing!
Mum and son time!

Sorry that it is such a jumbled post! I took 2 cameras with me - a little point-and-shoot as well as my good camera. I started off with my good camera but I found it way too much trouble to carry it around in the heat and changed to my little camera. That's why the photos are a bit higglty pigglty but I'll fill in the gaps on the next post.



steph said...

hi tahn! i am as you know very excited to see your posts!

(ps indonesia's currency is the rupiah)

Tahn said...

oh duh! I'll change that! It was late!

Johanna GGG said...

love the photos of the girls in the pool with coconut drinks - now that looks so relaxing - and I am glad I am not the only one who opens too many tabs on my internet!

Anonymous said...

smoking at the table is freaking disgusting. have some manners!

heres to hoping you get out of your funk too miss tahn, I missed not seeing you at the bloggers picnic... people are just so disappointing... and the older I get I get surprised at how freshly hurt I get over it... goes to show I still have a heart and hope that my loved ones will treat me with respect.. but really!

crunchyveganwifelife said...

Hello, I just found your blog and I love it. I have a 80% vegan family, my husband is the hold out and my youngest daughter eats cheese when we go out...sigh, but it is nice to find a blog with good family values and yummy food posts!!! Hope we can become bloggie friends!!