Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cheap Books, FREE Delivery!!

I may already be preaching to the converted but I am sure there are some of you who were 'out of the loop' just as I was!

The Book Depository is awesome! It has FREE delivery WORLDWIDE! WOW! That's huge!! (I find the postage for overseas such a killer!)

And they have an awesome range of books. I've just ordered


For $17.98 (remember free delivery!)


for $18.08

and her new book out in a couple of weeks time:



So Cheap!! 

I had a look at some of the books I already own and I have found the cost to be about HALF PRICE compared to what I have paid in Melbourne! Can you believe that???

For example:

I bought
For $29.95 in the city but it is only $14.98 on Book Depository! (FREE delivery!)
This one cost me $29.95 also here but is only $13.48 on Book Depository!

Do I need to go on??

Make sure you change the currency selection to Australian Dollars (only if you live in Oz, BTW!) and see whether you can control yourself!

In case you are wondering, I have actually ordered from them before and have not had any problems with delivery. In fact, it was quite prompt.

And no, I am not getting any commission for the review (although that would be nice!)



Vicki said...

I buy most of my books from there - so much cheaper than buying from the shops & delivery is super fast as well. Also is really good for comparing prices.

K said...

I like that site as well as the aussie based fish pond:

Niki said...

Great, thanks for the heads up!

simauma said...

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Celia said...

OMG that site is so awesome thanks for directing my attention to it - i just went on there and bought 4 books!!