Friday, April 16, 2010

I've been censored!

Not in a major way, just enough to annoy.

On a forum I have recently joined (nothing to do with food/veganism etc - miles away from this topic) someone posted a rather yummy sounding vegetarian wonton recipe. The only thing not suitable for vegans was the inclusion of a single egg.

So I posted a comment saying how yummy it sounded but suggested that people replace the egg with no egg replacer because the egg wasn't used as a binder and in brackets I wrote "It's a chicken's period, people!!" followed by two emoticons - one of a green 'sick' face and the other of someone covering their ears saying lalalalala.

Nothing but the truth, right? Seems this was taken as offensive and before long a moderator had taken down "It's a chicken's period, people" as well as the two following emoticons. The rest was left.

Now, I gotta tell ya, I was pissed. There is another thread started by someone letting people know they are going to be buying a bulk lot of some sort of animal (pig I think) and asking if anyone was interested in buying the meat from them. Why isn't this censored? I don't agree with the topic, and it is against my beliefs but did I put in a complaint? What annoys me the most is that I don't feel there was anything offensive about what I said, rather it was the truth and I find it frustrating that people are trying to hide the truth.

I think the 'censorship bar' must be set REALLY low if this is what they feel they have to censor.

And to quote Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe 'I actually feel more comfortable with people eating meat if they can face up to what they are doing than those who can't bear to think of the poor animals they are eating.' 
Well said, Johanna - I couldn't agree more!

Reminds me of the issue I had at xmas.

I feel better now, thanks for letting me vent!



Linzey said...

If I were you I'd put in a complaint about the bulk pig buying. At least tell them that you think it's offensive and they should censor equally. I'd be angry if I were you...What am I talking about? I am angry and I'm not you. :)

Tahn said...

You know, that's what I was going to do. But then I thought about it and decided to do it here on MY blog where I wouldn't be censored. I have a bad habit of my mouth getting me into trouble (or in this case, my fingers) so I thought by venting here I wasn't hurting anyone.
I did leave a comment saying 'shame about the edit' but that was all. I wanted to write so much more because I was really annoyed but controlled myself!

Cealz said...

I would say 99% of omnivores don't really want to think about what they are eating - they find it "offensive" when the truth is pointed out to them. Thus on forums etc if you make a comment they don't want to hear they can't handle it. They just want to live by "ignorance is bliss". It used to make me angry like you, now it just makes me feel tired :(