Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Glorious Spring Day in Melbourne

So no VeganMoFo tag tonight. We did eat, though nothing blog worthy really.

Again the kiddies and I got out of the house and went down to Coburg Lake. How absolutely glorious was today's weather??!!!

The kids didn't even look at the playground today, instead they spent a good hour-and-a-half playing in the creek, hopping from rock to rock, discovering bugs, and 'accidentally' slipping into the water! Took some photos of the cygnets and goslings. Too cute!

Once home, after a quick feed of crumbled lentil burger and salad sandwich, we hit the back yard. Tweenie mowed most of the lawn before YM and Baby had a small go (it's all right, we have a battery powered lawnmower that rocks! You have to hold the handle down and it cuts out IMMEDIATELY when it is let go, so there is really no chance of the kids getting hurt). A month or so ago we cut back some trees and tidied up the grape vines so we also spent a couple of hours snipping up the twigs before I got out the electric chainsaw and chopped the larger branches up into small pieces so they would fit better into the green waste bin.

We also had to add a tonne of soil to the vege garden Popeye made for me. The soil was delivered a couple of days ago in 25 HEAVY bags and I had to lift them up to about chest height before dumping them into my first vege bed. Unfortunately there was not quite enough soil to reach the top, but that is ok, we planted some seedlings in it anyway. I LOVE the fact that I won't have to bend over to 'play' in my garden!

I smelled like worm wee (I accidentally spilt some on myself!) and even got a little sunburnt! By the end of the arvo I was completely knackered! Tweenie asked if she could make some brownies and I remembered about the brownie recipe I saw on The Fairest Feed (thank you!) and told her to use that. We didn't have any choc chips but it still tasted good all the same. The other two worked together and made some biscuits. I tried to take a photo of Tweenie taking a bite of the brownie to post but it didn't work out and her piece didn't last before she had gobbled it all up! So no photos of food today.

We are going to go on a picnic tomorrow, taking our bikes along the Merri Creek towards the city and see where we end up. It is supposed to be another fabulous day tomorrow and we want to make the most of it!

Enjoy the sunshine!



Johanna GGG said...

enjoy your bikeride - coburg lake is a great place to potter about - and would be a good place to take brownies to munch - I need to get there on some spring days!

wingraclaire said...

This is the first time I've seen your blog(thanks, Vegan MOFO!), but I'll be back , mainly because we are getting slammed by blustery autumn weather here, and I'd like to think it is spring somewhere in the world. Enjoy it!

Tahn said...

Thanks wingraclaire! Hope you do come back :)

Anna said...

Hiya Seitahn, how have I missed your blog? Cute garden!

There are a couple of incline benches at the gym but it was a busy time of the day - and it's a tiny gym.

I was literally the only girl in the weights room with about 8 guys. I was kinda proud at being the only chick there and was pumping iron like it was nobodies business hehe

As I was circuiting my work out I'd finished with the bench (for then) and had a guy "hovering" so I wiped it down and handed it over.

I'm still getting used to fitballs but I'll remember that for next time - thanks for the hint!

Kate S said...

Hi Seitahn
I have just found your blog through VegMel- very interesting!
As a newish vegan who is hoping to have kidlets someday soon-ish, I was wondering were you vegan when pregnant? And if so how did it go? The title of your blog made me think you might have some experience in this area.

Tahn said...

Hi Kate S,
No, I wasn't vegan when I was pregnant. We have only been vegan for just over 18months, which presented a heap of different issues regarding the kids!! There is talk of having a baby with my new partner though.......

Kate S said...

Thanks Seitahn. I've been vegan for about 7ish months (for some reason I didn't make a note of when I changed diet, kind of a gradual thing), so am still pretty new to the idea of veganism+kids/pregnancy.

Unknown said...

worm wee! ha.