Saturday, September 26, 2009



I'd been thinking of creating a blog where I post all things vegan, showing pics of the food we eat and discussing/venting veganism at my children's school/negativities about veganism/ negative vegan comments etc etc. Then today I bumped into the Post Punk Kitchen reminding me about veganmofo and it starting in October. So this got me moving! And here is my vegan blog!
We (Tweenie, daughter,11; Young Master, son,almost 9 & Baby,daughter,7) are off to the markets to load up on fruit (still have HEAPS of veges!) and no Saturday arvo market trip is complete without a stop at La Panella Bakery for a mushroom pie and apple slice! So I will make that my first foodie post!
Today Popeye left us for a course in Sydney (86 days to go, and counting! I've already put it into my iCal!!), so it is just me and 3 for a while :(
Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to the Preston Markets we go....


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, welcome to blogging :D

I'm curious to know, how have your children reacted to veganism?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add in my comment, my question only stands if veganism is a new thing for them and they haven't been vegan since birth xD

Tahn said...


My kids and I are all relatively new to veganism. My partner calls himself a vegetarian, and that's fine with me (my conscience is clear!). We have only been vegan for about 18 months. At first I became a strict vegan overnight but allowed the kids to choose outside of the home what they ate. At home, school etc they ate vegan but if someone took them out it was up to them if they chose to have meat. Then as my awareness grew I stopped allowing that and told them they could eat anything as long as it was vegetarian. Still more 'growing' later, and they eat vegan 99% of the time.
It was a little hard at first for the two youngest, as they really didn't understand. But now, if they have food that is not vegan they don't feel very well and know it is because of the food they ate. Tweenie and YM have recently been on a camp each and Tweenie asked if I could put down Vegetarian as the diet requirements which I did. She was worried what the other kids would say. I think she learnt that there are more vegos in the world than she thinks (including one of the teachers) and that her views matter.
We were VERY unhealthy vegans when we first started, but now we eat like kings :)

veganf said...

Great to hear about another vegan family!

bean said...

great blog! I've just been reading through it all.