Monday, December 28, 2009

Good news!

I have good news!

But you can wait til the end of the post! (It's only short, I promise!)

A while back my friends A & C gave me a heap of different animal/vegan supporting pamphlets/postcards/stickers/leaflets/business type cards to letterbox drop around the area. Today the kids and I took a couple of handfuls around the local area and the kids had a ball putting them into letterboxes as we walked to the shop.

We headed to the shop because I wanted to get onion powder and some more mustard to make some uncheese from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. They are in the fridge and you'll have to wait until tomorrow's post. They tasted great freshly made, so I am looking forward to trying them tomorrow (I've got uncheese toasties and pizza planned for tomorrow!).

Ok, my good news (I told you my post was short today!).
So most of you would know that I was planning on moving to Hastings with Popeye VERY soon. The truck had been booked for Monday the 4th of January. The real estate had been notified and was due to take photos of my place to put on the internet for rent.

Did you notice I 'spoke' in past tense??

That's right!!! I'M NOT MOVING!!!!!!

I'm so happy! We decided that it was not fair to move four of us (me and the kids) to one person (Popeye). There were so many pros to staying here as opposed to the pros of moving to Hastings (they outnumbered about 20 to 2!) that we really could not justify moving. Popeye is going to move here, and try and come home more than just on weekends.

There is so much to say about the topic, but I won't bore you. Except to say I'M NOT MOVING!!!!!!
I am so happy here - I heart Preston. I heart my house. I heart Popeye!

Tomorrow we am going to try and make it to the pot luck that Kristy invited us to (see, another reason not to move to whoop whoop!). I'm looking forward to it. Now, off to work out what to bring...



steph said...

Oooh, so we'll see you tomorrow at Princes Park? COOLNESS.

Andrea.F said...

Hi Tahn & Co!!

That's great news!!! - no long treks to La Panella! - Hastings is great but Preston is amazing - great decision!

Andrea in Upwey!

Tahn said...

See you tonight, Steph.

Thanks Andrea! It's still a long way for you! Let me know next time you visit La Panella, and we should catch up!


Vicki said...

Preston definitely wins out over Hastings! I will bring Vegan cupcakes take over the world for you tonight.

Andrea.F said...

Thanks Tahn! - I will definitely let you know - I think I will need to stock up soon! :)