Monday, December 21, 2009

The Man is Back

He's ho-me! Finally. And I am sure you can understand my absence on this blog! It is nice to be able to wake up, roll over and be able to cuddle something other than my pillow!

I flew to Sydney to watch his graduation parade. All very exciting! It was a two-part affair. The first part was the actual giving of their badges and promotions for those who were being promoted to the new rank. The second part was the parade, complete with marching band, to present themselves to some high-up official (sorry, couldn't take my eyes off my man to actually listen to the ceremony!).
Here is a photo at part of the parade. Popeye is third from the right, front row.

Ahh, men in uniform!

This is one of us after the whole thing was over, back in his rooming area. There are better ones of us, of course, although you know how much I hate photos of myself so this is the best you get!

I haven't really done too much noteworthy cooking since we have returned home (we drove home the following day). Except this...

Both of these are from 1000 Vegan Recipes (of course!). There is Quick Apple Crisp and Vegan Whipped Cream. Both were delicious! The 'Whipped Cream' I think is more like a pouring cream as opposed to whipped, but delicious nonetheless. It is a lot faster to make than the cashew creme, mostly because I only have a little spice grinder to make the cashews into a powder. The Whipped Cream is silken tofu, agave (or maple), vanilla, 1T canola oil. Very easy. The only time required is to refrigerate for a while before serving.

Now I need to get a definite idea of what I am making for christmas day and at least write up a shopping list!

What's everyone else making for Christmas Day?



Johanna GGG said...

having your man back is a great christmas present - I always have nut roast at christmas - love them!

BrisVegan said...

Yay for return of the man!

Your apple crisp and cream look greeat.

At this stage, I am doing a 5 course Xmas dinner (subject to change), with pumpkin lentil soup (at the 10 year olds request), mock prawn cocktails (back to the 70's), cold sanitarium roast, mock BBQ pork and chilli tofu with salads (tomato, Changs crunchy noodle salad, beetroot and orange, pesto pasta, maybe ceasar and maybe some oven chips for the kids), golden dumplings and icecream and, finally, homemade chocolates and coffee.

I'll blog whatever I do, with any luck.