Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Melbourne Uncup Day Before

Last night the kids and I headed to Fran-ghanistan for our first annual 'Melbourne Uncup Day Before' dinner party. What an awesome evening - the weather was perfect! C and I dressed up.

So did my kids.

Baby and YM

Tweenie and C & A's beautiful vegan bubba, O.

We all cooked some food and we had a really nice spread - with enough to feed us brunch the next day!

Onion Bhaji's from this recipe - baked not fried

Chai-spiced biscuits from The Vegan Table

C's couscous roasted vegetable medley

C's potatoes
I also provided pumpkin coconut curry and aloo gobi both from The Vegan Table.

A & C -Thanks for a GREAT night!

The next day R returned as our breakfast chef as she was having NO luck trying to cook some potato fritters for dinner. But it was perfect the next day!

R is new to vegetarianism - after A showed her "Earthlings" (I actually have never seen this!)

Baby had a ball with Eddie the dog (sitting on C's dad's knee). Poor thing was 'played' with all night and the next day! I'm guessing she wants a dog!

Had a fantastic day, but woke up this morning with massive sinus pain on the left side of my face. It was years ago since I had this pain and it sucks! Hopefully it goes away soon as I really don't want to visit the Doctor.



Unknown said...

it was great meeting you and baby at the convent. this looks like a great night. i am a recurrent sufferer of sinus pain (thanks Dad!) so i can sympathise

Tahn said...

OMG my sinus was horrendous last night. But I think I have found something that works for me! I had a hot flannel on my left side of my face but as you can imagine it got cold rather quickly. So I heated my wheat bag, wrapped the wet flannel around it and laid it on my face. I still have it this morning but no where near as bad as last night!

x said...

That flannel/wheat bag idea for sinus pain sounds good to me, I'll try it next time.

And what a great idea to have an Un-Melbourne Cup day! I've heard people are planning a bike ride or a cupcake day for next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tahn,
thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. ;)
All the food looks delicious - I am kicking myself because I saw The Vegan Table at the bookstore the other day and now I wish I had gotten it!
Hope you are feeling better.

Tahn said...

Hi Annie,
I'm feeling heaps better. Thanks :)

The Vegan Table is my favourite cookbook at the moment (if you don't count looking at other people's blogs and 'copying' them or using the internet for ideas in general!)