Monday, November 9, 2009

Tabouli and bean chilli

Today is the day that Tweenie had her braces removed! She was so happy!
Check out my gorgeous daughter

She can't stop running her tongue over her top teeth! And SMILING!

Once we finally got home (we also did a bit of xmas shopping today) it was still stinking hot. I made the tabouli my mum wanted for dinner as well as a 'Three Bean Chilli' from The Vegan Table. I fried up some mushrooms and we each had a piece of mountain bread that we folded all of these wonderful ingredients into. (The tabouli recipe is from Now Vegan! by Linda Stoner)

I've never actually tried tabouli, and I quite liked it! I'm not much of a salad eater so I am making a conscience effort to try some new and exciting salads this summer.

Cheers to enjoying the heat! Clink Clink.



Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! I love tabouli. :)
I've been eating a lot of salads too but I need some ideas because I am fast running out of ideas.
I sense a cookbook spending spree LOL

Miss T said...

Congrats Tweenie! She'll be very gald of the braces when she's older.

Bliss Doubt said...

There's a pretty girl! I remember the day my braces came off, very happy indeed.

shawna said...

i made tabouli for the first time this week too (i've eaten it a lot just never made it). the stuff i made was from a packet i picked up at an organic shop though-- sooooo not impressed. i will be making it fresh next time (i have that cookbook too). it even looks much nicer than what i ended up with.

Unknown said...

congratulations tweeny! i never had braces, but my friends were so happy when theirs came off