Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My day in food

Breakfast! I discovered this Chocolate Avocado Pudding from Green and Crunchy (loving this site - still got so much to find!). Actually, it was more like brunch (about 10.30am) by the time I got to eat it.

Lunch. Tweenie and I found these section plates at the cheap shop next to La Panella (so sorry, world, for the plastic but I have found it tricky to locate stainless steel ones and the price was just right for me - about $2 each). Lunch consisted of left over pineapple, a spoonful of nut butter (ya know, I actually HATE peanut butter - even the smell - and refuse to make PB sandwiches for YM because of it, but this is soo very delicious), a mix of seeds, goji berries and dates and a sandwich of eggless egg salad from The Vegan Table which was yummy.

After school snack. Green smoothie. This one consisted of a few beetroot leaves and stems, water, ice, a couple of peaches, a couple of pears, cacao powder, freshly ground LSA(home made), 1 blood orange &  2 navals, and coconut. Thick, gluggly and delicious.

Dinner. Tonight's dinner actually consisted of left overs - choice of yesterday's lunch of cauliflower soup (sooo good!), or an Ethiopian Stew both from Vegan Lunchbox (last night's dinner of Ethiopian Stew also had Injera Bread - although I had no teff flour, so used plain- but none left today as it was awesome and eaten all up!). Before we all helped ourselves I was flicking through the internet (Planet VegMel) and copied the Tofu Balls from It Will Taste Better Tomorrow's post today (I'm going to try your couscous one day too, Amanda!). They looked delicious on her post and I thought- I have everything to make that, I'll give it a try. They WERE delicious! I actually just dipped a few balls into some sweet chilli sauce...mmmmmm. Next time I will try it with spaghetti and sauce (my  kids love this!) and may put the rest into sandwiches tomorrow. Just a hint though, squish them into balls rather than trying to roll them. The original post is from PPK.

Dessert. We made these last night. We blended some fruit up and poured it in and froze it. Now a confession on how foolish I am! I have never eaten cherries before but yesterday I found a nice looking batch at Aldi (all their fruit and veges are so cheap but they are FULL of packaging!) and decided to try them to put into our smoothies. Little did I know that they required de-pipping and I just blended them up straight! Needless to say, we were picking out small chopped up cherry pips from both yesterday's smoothie and today's fruit icipole.

Lesson learned!



amanda said...

Hi Tahn, I'm glad you like the tofu balls..they're delicious aren't they? :) I actually did the same thing with the tofu, squishing them in one hand, instead of rolling.
mmm, your avocado pudding looks yum... must try it soon..!

Unknown said...

i don't think you can get teff flour in this country which is a shame. everything looks so good!

Tahn said...

I tried to look for teff flour today, but everyone just kept on giving me blank looks so I reckon you might be right!

Anonymous said...

I use sectioned lunchbox and you know, it never occurred to me to use plates like this at home for the kids. I bet they'd love it.

I am so making those tofu balls!

Tahn said...

My kids DO love the little section plates! Sometimes we have 'Bits and Pieces' night (a 'meal' from my own childhood) which is just (obviously) the bits and pieces each individual child decides they want to eat for dinner (plates end up looking like the ones I made for Tweenie and I for lunch) and these plates are perfect for that!
What brand of sectioned lunchbox do you use?