Friday, January 8, 2010

Banana Icecream - You just gotta try this!

I have quite a few posts backed up ready to tell you about as I have been doing a lot of cooking lately. But this one just HAD to jump the queue!

Recently I posted about getting Popeye's food processor when he came home and a couple of days ago he brought it here for me to use. So FP has become my new best friend and I've been using her at least a couple of times a day since then (making the raw balls is sooo easy now!!)

Anyway, ages ago I stumbled across a post by Gena from Choosing Raw entitled 'This Post Will Change Your Life'.
It was about Banana Icecream which looked delicious but I couldn't attempt it at the time without a food processor. Well today was the day. And let me just say THIS POST CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I am serious! I have made it TWICE today (it is bloody hot here today). It shits on soy icecream! I am never buying soy icecream again (I can't, in all seriousness, actually back that up!). Here's what it looked like (the first batch was lunch for us all).

We had just gotten back from a walk to the markets and to stop the kids (well, Baby) whinging about having to carry a bag (of bread!) home (or should I say 'croutons' by the time it made it home!), I promised them I would make Banana Icecream (it worked). I had picked up a big bag of passionfruit for $1 and I knew I would top the icecream with it.

Oh man, so very, very good!

If you haven't already, you just have to try this one!



Johanna GGG said...

looks interesting - I have some banana in the fridge but my food processor isn't that powerful

K said...

It's gluten free too, yay!

x said...

That looks SO good! I love banana ice cream and I bet it's delish with passionfruit!