Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year

Happy new year, peeps!

What did you all get up to last night? Popeye, the kids and I travelled on a rather packed train (after having to dodge an overly drunk dude throwing up on the path outside the station doors - it was only 8pm!) to the MCG and the family friendly event held at Yarra Park. It was WAY too hot to go any earlier but we knew we would be in time for the kids fireworks. There was thousands of people there! Everyone was having a good time, as it was an alcohol-free event. There was a band rocking out for us to enjoy and we did! Tweenie stayed at a friend's house so there was only 4 of us. We all jumped about 'dancing' to the music. Heaps of fun (and rather silly looking!). Then it started to piss down! But still we kept dancing (there is something special about playing in the summer rain). Lots of people took cover under trees, but not us! The time for the fireworks rolled around and they had to be postponed and we weren't even sure they would happen because the sky was so black and the lightning so amazing. Popeye and I decided we should head back to the train station and go home, as we thought the fireworks would be much later. As Murphy's Law has it, JUST as the train rolled into the station the loudspeaker announced the fireworks was about to start. Shame. We jumped on the train with a million other families and we were able to see most of the fireworks on the train (with ooo-ing and arrrr-ing from all of the kids on the train - funny!). I know it is not the same as being there, but there is always next year. Once we got home we raced up to LotF as we hadn't eaten dinner.
We got there just as they were closing and I convinced them to make me more than just chips. Unfortunately they stuffed up the order and this keeps up the 'I've never been to Northland LotF and they have gotten my order correct' fact! Nonetheless, it filled our empty stomachs.
Baby and YM managed to stay awake until midnight and we lit a couple of sparklers and hid under the eaves out the front of my house to watch the fireworks from the city (lucky me, I have a direct view of the city scape from the front of my house - nice!). The next door neighbours we out too and we chatted with them. After sending the kids off to bed, I curled up in bed to play on my computer and watch Monty Python on ABC.

A few days ago we all started discussing our NY resolutions. Mine were the same old, same old. You know, lose weight, eat better, use my gym membership. But every year these go by the wayside. Then I stumbled upon 6 changes. They talk about choosing only 6 things to work on in any one year and working on one at a time, each for a two month period. The aim is to start of REALLY low key and increasing each week in a small way so by the time 8 weeks has rolled around, you are at the point you would like to be with that particular thing, you have been doing it regularly for eight weeks, and you can maintain it while you start on a new area to work on for the next 2 months.
I think I am going to try this. I don't think I have 6 things yet. This is really the first time I have thought much about it, so I can add on to it as time goes by.
I have already started the first of my changes. I want to work back up to a high fitness level and since I am not moving now, when I feel a lot better about my own body I want to start PT-ing again - this time for money!

So the changes look something like this:
1. Exercise daily/high fitness level/weight train/use gym membership etc.
Week one :I am starting off by walking every day this week (to the shop)
Week two:Continue daily walk, add another block
Week three:Add a daily body part to train

You get the picture. Mine are still a work in progress!

I'd like to work on (in no particular order)
1. exercise
2. getting up earlier
3. cut out sugar
4. keeping up with housework
5. drink more water
6. playing more with the kids/turning the bloody tv off!

Now I need to break each thing into 8 doable weeks and hope that they become habits and part of my daily life. I'll let you know how I go!



Johanna GGG said...

sounds like an interesting new year - ours was much quieter but I will post about our haggis nachos soon

as for new year's resolutions - I am not really into them but the most interesting alternative I have seen is one where you revisit the resolution every month - eg on 2 feb, on 3 march, on 4 april etc - I liked the idea that you don't wait til next new year's to remember you didn't do the thing you resolved to

DJ said...

Love the idea of 6 changes - so much more manageable than the infinite number I usually settle on! Living in Scotland with two wee ones means our Hogmanay tends to be a quiet one watching the celebrations on telly and having a glass of fizz at the bells. Too bloody cold to go outside! Happy 2010!