Saturday, January 2, 2010


We've been finishing off the rest of the Colby and Mostarella uncheese around here the last couple of days. Today I made some basic cheese toasties in the sandwich maker. I had the left over Colby and Vegemite, Popeye had Mostarella and tomato and Baby had Vegemite and Mostarella. I actually liked the taste of the Mostarella in the toasties. I used it like a thick spread. Very delish.

I know Miss T was interested in the recipe, so I thought I would share. These are from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook

Colby Cheez

1 1/2C water
5T agar flakes OR 1 1/2T agar powder
1/2C roasted red capsicum (seeds & skin removed) OR 1/2C cooked carrots OR 2-3t paprika OR 2T unsalted tomato paste (I used the paprika option)
1/2C chopped raw cashews
1/4C Nutritional Yeast
3T fresh lemon juice
2T tahini
2t onion powder
1t salt
1/4t garlic powder
1/4t dry mustard

Lightly oil a 5-cup plastic container and set aside. Combine water and agar in a small saucepan and let sit for about 10-15 minutes to soften the agar (I left it for a couple of hours while at the shop and it worked a treat). Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer, stirring often until agar is dissolved (about 5 - 10 minutes). Transfer to a blender and add remaining ingredients. Process for several minutes until completely smooth, scraping down the sides as necessary. Pour into plastic storage container and cool uncovered in the fridge. When completely cooled cover and chill several hours or overnight. To serve, turn out of container and slice. Store leftovers covered in the fridge. Will keep 5-7 days.

CHEDDA Cheez - add 2T light or chickpea miso prior to blending
OLIVE Cheez - replace dry mustard with 1T Dijon mustard. After blending stir in 3/4C chopped black olives.

Buffalo Mostarella

2C water or plain soy milk (I used water)
1/2C Nutritional Yeast
1/3C quick cooking oats
1/4C tahini
1/4C kuzu, arrowroot or cornstarch (I used cornflour)
3-4T fresh lemon juice
1T onion powder
1t salt

Lightly oil a 5-cup pan or container (depending on what shape you want your slices).
Combine all ingredients in a blender until completely smooth ( few minutes). Pour into a saucepan and cook and stir over medium heat until very thick and smooth. Pack into prepared container. Cool uncovered in fridge. When completely cool cover and chill overnight. To serve turn out of the mould and carefully slice with an oiled or water moistened knife (the cheese will be very soft and a bit sticky). Store leftovers covered in fridge. Will keep 5-7 days.

Give them a go. Happy cheese making



K said...

I really want to have a cheese potluck, where we all make cheeses and that way get to try a wide variety of vegan cheeses.

Vicki said...

You have inspired me to make my own cheese, I will give them a go once I have my house back to myself.

Kristy - Cheese potluck would be great! I should have one at my place.

Miss T said...

Thanks Tahn! The cheezes look so great; I'm definitely going to give them a whirl. Mmmm toasties!!

Tahn said...

A cheese pot luck sounds very interesting!!

shawna said...

i made the buffalo mostarella the other day-- it's good in quesadillas and melted on bread under the grill for tofu dogs.