Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quiche and Salad

Having loved Isa's broccoli quiche, and recently buying Vegan Brunch, I really wanted to try the cauliflower and red capsicum version of the original.

It was delicious, and can I say, possibly even better than the original (if that is at all possible!!). I really love this quiche the next day, straight out of the fridge.

The salad was also nice. I made Petite Pasta Salad (I have a mountain of cucumber to use up) from Vegan Lunch Box with cute little star pasta. Today at my local Foodworks I found some tiny alphabet pasta that I can't wait to try with something like a salad that really showcases the cuteness of the pasta shape.


blessedmama said...

Nice blog. Your food looks good. I also like eating things cold right out of the fridge.

Theresa said...

That quiche looks great. I love the way Isa's quiche actually stays together when you take it out of the pan, instead of spilling out like most other recipes I've tried!

Unknown said...

i really love her quiche recipes. i made so many over the holiday season