Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Brown Plate of Death

Big brown plate of death. That's how I would describe my dinner tonight! Not good.
It sounded yum at the time but I should never have done it!

It consisted of Fry's Chicken style nuggets, corn fritters, chips and garlic bread (although I didn't eat the garlic bread). And now I just feel like crap! What I really need to do is have a healthy meal back up plan for those nights when I just don't have time or cannot be bothered! Any ideas? Something to definitely work on!

We ended up with this crappy meal mostly because I ran out of time. Today I headed into the city to find some cheap (but professional looking) clothes for work. Then I took a train to Dandenong Station and needed to walk for about 40 minutes to my B-I-L's workshop to pick up my car (he had been organising the repairs). The trip turned into 55 minutes because I took a wrong turn (oh well, extra exercise!). When I got there B-I-L wasn't even there, so I waited half an hour for him and then he wanted me to follow him in his truck as he was dropping it off and needed a lift back. Then I drove all the way home, picked up the kids and headed to Northland for some ink for my computer printer (I was planning on printing out my CV for tomorrow, but it was so expensive!). By this time it was getting late. Was considering LOTF but couldn't really justify the cost (especially after balking at the cost of ink!) so I decided to do our own take away. So that is the story of how we came to eat the Big Brown Plate of Death for dinner!

Tomorrow I am going to do the rounds at local school for CRT work. Wish me luck!



Linzey said...

We make and freeze meals. Soup is one of my favorites to freeze. Then all you have to do is reheat and eat.

Bliss Doubt said...

Plate of death, bleh! I've done it myself many times. Now in an emergency I go to the fast food places that have salads and baked potatoes. I say "salad and baked potato to go". Not great, but better.

Anonymous said...

I always keep the ingredients for this in the cupboard (actually enough to make it three or four times!):

It's very popular with veges and non-veges alike.

Tahn said...

Thanks for the tips! I was so disgusted at the lack of colour in my plate! All that hard work with exercise WASTED this week! Shame!

I actually have lots of foods in the freezer for emergencies...why didn't I take that path??

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That plate looks tasty to me. Nothing wrong with brown food every once in a while, righ? ;)

Johanna GGG said...

I know the feeling - there are so many great foods to eat but when tired and busy sometimes it is hard to think creatively - I love buying a big head of broccoli, chopping it up and microwaving it til just cooked - it cheers up any plate - a bit of lemon and pepper on it are optional - in fact I could just eat broccoli all by itself but I know not everyone can

Unknown said...

i can sympathise. there's nothing worse than hating yourself for eating something! these days my CBF (can't-be...) meal is a big bowl of rice and dahl. you hardly need any ingredients on hand, and it doesn't take long at all if you keep red lentils around. and though it may still be all one colour, it doesn't feel so bad going down