Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last day of Vegan Mofo

I made it!!! 31 day of blogging about vegan food! My first mofo! Yay!!

I thought that I would finish Veganmofo III the way that I started - with a picture of my goodies from a trip to the Preston Markets.

All for $38.15! I got:
6 Pears
1kg Bananas
4 blood oranges (a request from Tweenie)
Bunch coriander
7 Tomatoes
7 Lemons
11 onions
1 red capsicum
4 green capsicum
1 whole butternut pumpkin
8 purple potatoes (so experienced am I, I don't even know the proper name for them!)
300g baby spinach
1 bunch silverbeet
700g peas-in-a-pod (my absoute favourite - brings back childhood memories)
3kg brushed potatoes
1 bunch of spinach
2 cauliflowers
500g mushrooms
2 kumera
200g snow peas
6 heads of broccoli
15 carrots
2 small bags of red chilli
bag of pink ladies (For YM - only $3!)

I specifically got the potatoes, pumpkin and kumera for a 'Melbourne Uncup Day Before' Dinner party we are having at our friends house in Frankston on the Monday night - complete with dinner party attire! It's Indian themed food and I'm making Coconut Pumpkin Curry, Aloo Gobi (YM's favourite), and Chai spiced biscuits. I'm really looking forward to it!!!!

World Vegan Day tomorrow! See you all at the Melbourne celebrations!



Anonymous said...

congratulations of finishing veganmofo!

Unknown said...

awesome! we're having non-cup fun on monday and tuesday as well

Johanna GGG said...

congratulations on 31 days - that is some achievement - and that haul from the market has so much yummy potential

Anonymous said...

31 days! Wow. All that food looks great!

Unknown said...

Did you really find a NZ kumara or is it just the usual bright orange sweet potato found here?

Tahn said...

Hi Bjorn,
It's actually an orange one, not the purple one. My family is from NZ, and although I am aware the purple one is called kumera, we all just call both kumera. (ya know, one of those family things!) There was real 'kumera' at the markets, although I much prefer the taste of the orange one. :)