Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flowers and Rice

Look at the beautiful flowers Popeye sent me today!

I wish this was smell-o-blog as they smell sooo good! And I miss him sooo much :(  76 days to go.
I've got them sitting on my dressing table so I can see them when I wake in the mornings.

Anyway, back to food. I tried to make a few things today from the same website, although not all were spectacular. The website is jeenaskitchen.blogspot.com. She has quite a list of vegan recipes and each one has fantastic step-by-step photo instructions. I firstly tried the vegan vegetable fritters recipe and they were ok, but took so long to cook. Luckily I had a visitor over so that helped to take my mind off standing in front of the stove. Next I tried Jeena's coconut ice recipe which was all going well but when I  was cooking the coconut with the sugar syrup it went way too dry and it ended up being 'sweet, fruity coconut'. Which we all still ate, but it wasn't coconut ice.

For dinner tonight I tried the vegan sweetcorn rice recipe which was DELICIOUS!

It wasn't quite fried rice because the rice was still soft and tender and it barely had any flavour added into it, just garlic and ginger. I used fresh corn on the cob as suggested and I just LOVE fresh sweetcorn! I cut up some tofu and just fried it in a pan, but it occurred to me that I maybe could have crumbled it in with the veges before adding the rice. Anyways, it was very yummy and the kids are taking left overs for school lunch tomorrow. Beats a boring sandwich!

She (Jeena) also has a Mango and Coconut Cake recipe that uses polenta that I would love to try. I have some fresh (well they are frozen now, but not in a tin) mango that I would like to use but I could only find advice (on Google) on how to score and cut a mango into small cubes (which I knew anyway). Anyone know the best way to get slices (like peach slices)? The recipe calls for tinned mango, but I would like to try using fresh (ish). Imagine the flavour!

Today after the kids got home from school we all went for a ride to the velodrome. We nearly didn't go because as we walked home from school it started to spit and it was freezing cold. We went anyway, but I decided to ride as I didn't feel like jogging in the cold, fresh wind. So we all rode there, zoomed around the track for a while and then came home. We had barely been home for 5 minutes when is piss-isted down and hailed! It only lasted a few minutes but we were lucky to get home dry!

I'm posting early tonight as I have a tax appointment tomorrow (finally!) and I need to sort out the piles of paperwork I have sitting right next to me. I hate doing my tax - I am always scared I will have to owe some back (I never have, so the fear is unjustified!). I am hoping to get a bit back to be able to fix my bathroom up. At the moment there are two options. Option 1 - Replace the tiles in shower and maybe the window and wooden frame (that gets wet every time you shower) with some of those glass bricks and rent out my house. Option two is to do it up for me to enjoy and continue living in. Option 1 is winning 80% to 20%. Although I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE, moving would mean living with Popeye and being able to see & be with him most nights of the week instead of just the weekend. Yup, you read it correctly, moving in with the boyfriend! oooooo!
More discussion on this topic needs to occur first though!




x said...

Beautiful flowers! I used to love having Asian lillies but they're toxic to cats so I won't have them in the house anymore :(

And that rice looks yummo!

Tahn said...

Really? I didn't know that!
Cats are toxic to Popeye, unfortunately :(
I would LOVE to get a puss puss