Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friends for dinner and Boo-nanas for dessert

I had the day off today so I decided to do a bit of cooking to make up for last night's lack of enthusiasm. When I had settled down at the end of it, just before the kids got home from school, I thought about Popeye's sister, G, who had just returned from QLD visiting her army b/f and I knew she would be feeling low. So I rung her up and invited G and her 2 gorgeous boys - V, 5 and JA, 3 (I hope I got the ages correct!) over to help us eat dinner.

My cooking day started with FUDGE!!!! OMG!!! G, I totally forgot to tell you about the fudge!!!

Look at that!! So delicious!! Very sweet, didn't quite set (like 'real' fudge - but enough) and so I need to eat it with a spoon. I am not sure where abouts on the WWW I got this recipe from.


6T margarine
31/2C icing sugar
1/2C cocoa
1t vanilla
1/4C milk (I used rice)
1C chopped nuts (optional)

Spray a baking tin. Place all ingredients (except nuts) in a heatproof mixing bowl. Place the bowl over simmering water and stir until smooth. Add nuts. Pour mixture quickly into tin. Chill thoroughly (overnight is best). Cut into squares.

Next I made Spanakopita from this recipe.

It was really good! I'd definitely make this again! It's like a spinach and ricotta strudel. I made it with FRESH silverbeet from my garden! So good!

I tried an Aloo Palak recipe (spinach and potatoes). I liked it although the kids thought it was a little too spicy for them.
Here is what our dinner looked like:

After I invited G and the boys for dinner, I quickly made a dessert for them that was called 'Boo-nanas'.

How cute do they look?? Like little ghosts! The kids gobbled them up. Even I had one and they were yum!

Boo- nanas
shredded coconut
orange juice (I actually had no OJ, so I used a pastry brush and brushed maple syrup on them)
popsticks (I used skewers)
Stick a skewer up the length of the banana. Sprinkle bananas with OJ (or similar), press in coconut and gently push in sultanas as eyes. Eat immediately or freeze (freezing them ROCKS!!)

I made tomorrow night's dinner also, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that!



Johanna GGG said...

what a nice colourful dinner and those boonanas are hilarious - I think they would be delicious dipped in your fudge

Unknown said...

boo nanas! that's so freaking cute! I love the ol tofu spinach spani, a favourite in this house. it looks like a great dinner

Cealz said...

Yummo! Can you come over and cook for me every night?!!

Tahn said...

Absolutely, Celia!! :)