Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not a food post! How I went vegan

So, here's the thing. Couldn't find anything I wanted to cook for dinner. Got paid today so contemplated getting take away (but had already had a nice warm shower and did not want to get dressed!). Felt like Mac and Cheeze which we only had a few weeks ago. I was really trying to have something different every night for this month but, oh well!
So we had Mac and Cheeze, which the kids LOVE! I made some raw balls for the kids for school tomorrow but they needed a little more maple syrup (pretty sure this is not raw, but better than oily/marg in a cake) but I had run out. So they tasted ok, but not the best we have made.

So, because I have nothing foodie to post tonight I thought I might share my 'transformation to veganism' story.

It is not really an exciting story :)
I had bought the book 'Skinny Bitch' by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnoui, thinking it was yet another 'get slim quick' book. I had no idea what it really was about. I was horrified when I read it! I felt like I had known about the things they talked about but, like most people, I chose not to bring it to the forefront of my awareness.
When I finished reading it I said to Popeye - we were driving in his car -(and we had only been seeing each other for a few months) "I'm going vegan."
He said, 'When?'
I said, 'Now.'
He said, 'Can it wait til tomorrow because I have a nice meal planned for dinner?'
I said, 'No'.
And that was that. Vegan overnight. Although I have to say I was a very unhealthy vegan for about the first year. I even put on quite a bit of weight during that time!
I do have to add that I was never a really big meat eater anyway. None of my family are. We all ate lots of chicken (and other 'white' meat). Before reading this book I had never even considered going vegetarian at ANY point, let alone vegan. (I HATED salads - and still do!)
I have had mixed reviews from family. Popeye's family accommodates a few vegetarians already so I don't feel I was really too much 'hassle' there.
My dad, a former bodybuilder, a PT and still heavily into muscle growth etc, really expressed 'his' opinion about how essential it is to eat meat to get all of my required protein. As time has progressed, I have had a few forwarded emails from Dad discussing the benefits of abstaining from meat. Maybe he has started to come around (or maybe he is not really reading what he forwards on!).
Most of my family, including Popeye, thought that it was a faze I was going through and I would soon be back eating meat.
Well, guess what? I'm not! And I think they know I am serious about it now!

I have learnt so much and have even started to dabble into raw foods. I feel we are all eating the best we have ever eaten, and we are DEFINITELY healthier than ever before! We hardly ever visit a doctor (in fact, only once this year - to get a referral, and one hospital visit when Tweenie sliced her finger open on one of Popeye's sharp knives - he's a chef).

Becoming vegan was the best decision I have ever made. As a bonus, it helps animals and the environment as well!

What's your story?



Unknown said...

I LOVE experimenting with different vegan Mac N Cheese Recipes!!!! YUM!

Niki said...

I love hearing people's stories on when and why they went vegan. And it does seem for many that something just clicked and it was right, no turning back!

I also read Skinny Bitch while vegetarian and slowly veganised my life from there. I think Skinny Bitch has been a great book for the vegan movement!

Unknown said...

i just made some awesome friends who were vegan, who had awesome friends who were vegan, and after a little bit of "this is cool for them, but not for me" i slowly slid into it. that was 4 years ago