Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Silverbeet, Potato and Tomato Curry

More work today, more cute kids.

Yesterday, on my day off, I did a heap of cooking and I made tonight's dinner which made things A LOT easier when I got home from work.

I needed to use the mortar and pestle (or pestle and mortar) that Popeye bought me ages ago. I needed to post a photo to prove it!

I made a Silverbeet, Potato and Tomato Curry which I really liked but Baby decided she didn't like it, then asked if she could have a piece of fruit! ("I don't think so!" was my answer, in case you were wondering!) I made her stick it in the fridge. Maybe she can have it after school tomorrow, when they all seem to be starving!

I have prepped tomorrow night's dinner also! How on top of things am I??!! Almost all of the Date, Almond and Coconut Balls I made yesterday for school snax are nearly gone (man, they are sooo yummy I can't control myself!!) so I will have to make another batch tomorrow. I just wish I had Popeye's food processor - what should only take 10  minutes takes me about half an hour! (And just as long to eat them!)


Here is a picture of the brooch I wore to work today. My sister made it for me for my birthday. How cute is it?!!!

More cute kids tomorrow.



Jen Treehugger said...

That brooch is super super cute and the curry looks amazing.
Kids hey!

Unknown said...

super organised! my kind of woman! great brooch, did the kids like it?

Tahn said...

The kids didn't really say anything. I spotted a few kids looking at it and I brought up the topic! haha. But also it was a bit cold and I had yard duty also, so it couldn't be seen under my jacket

Cealz said...

Cuuuooote brooch - I would like one of those to wear to work to match the cat shoes I have. I made lentil shephards pie for din tonight, easy and yum. Your curry looks awesome.