Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweetcorn Fritters, Meanwhile School's Back

So, first day back at work after 3 terms off. It felt weird being back, actually. All the memories came flooding back.

To tell you the truth, it wasn't that bad. Absolutely gorgeous class (I had year 1's today, Pre-primary on Wednesday). I LOVE junior primary. The class was an open double classroom (exactly like I had last year) so two teachers, one double room, 2x18 kids. 18 kids!! Wow! Not often you have small class numbers like that! The team teacher was nice, but as usual when you work in a team, the other teacher usually takes the lead from the CRT and I felt really bad for him doing most of the work. After my experience of team teaching last year I have to say I MUCH prefer my own four walls.
So, really good first day back. Oh, I forgot, most of the teachers go by their first names! Never had that before!! So all day I had kids calling out 'Tahnea, can I go to the toilet?', 'Tahnea, how do you write...?'. So very weird!!! I'm used to having a title ..Ms. etc. They (the staff) said I could be called anything I liked but I thought I would follow the rest of the school. I'm sure I'll get used to it but it was a little odd.

I got home and I was REALLY sore! Leg sore, head sore! After such a long break it'll take me a few days to get back into the swing of things. Teaching is such a physical and mental job. Especially for the little ones, they are demanding all of the time. I had a long bath and the headache was gone and some of the leg pain was reduced, but I certainly DID NOT feel like cooking. And neither did anyone else! So I
made some sweetcorn fritters from here but I had to put more flour in and I needed to double it to get a decent amount of them.

I shared a few with the kids, but then they made their own quick throw together food. Slack huh? We really have had one of the worst food weeks for a long time!!
I have no work planned tomorrow so I will cook and bake during the day. I have also decided that I will not buy any food for a few weeks (except bread, milk, fruit and veges). I have got SOOO much food in my cupboard it is not funny!! I even have a heap of frozen meals to eat! Time to clean it up and eat it up.

I really would love a website that you enter the food you have in your cupboard and it spits out recipes that you can do. I'm sure I have come across it before.

Any ideas?



Unknown said...

chillis, curry and soups are my wayof eating through the pantry. i have so many dried goods in there, i should probably be doing the same thing. maybe we could bounce ideas off each other

Tahn said...

I agree with you about the chillis. curry and soups although I was trying to move away from them as we have had them all winter :) That being said, it is still cold enough to be enjoying them. I'll definitely watch your blog to see if you use up your pantry staples to get ideas!

Cealz said...

That's great your first day back went so well. I think teaching would be one of the hardest jobs - teachers should be paid WAY more. It's such an important job. Your sweetcorn fritters look yum! Tonight i cooked minestrone - very boring but I am off to my first art class in a mo so I had to cook up something quick and easy.

Tahn said...

Hey Celia!
Minestrone sounds good!
Can't wait to hear about your first pastels class!!

Amy said...

Hi! I just found your blog! I have 3 kiddies too so am loving looking for food ideas because mine seem to be on a permanent "I don't like it" hunger strike :P I don't know how veg friendly it is, but this site here lets you list ingredients you have at home: (I haven't actually used it yet, I found the link not long ago).

Tahn said...

Thanks for that Vegetation. I'll go check it out :)