Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodies from an Asian shop

Saturday. Market day. Before we hit the markets we had a look in one of the little Asian shops on High St. I was specifically looking for red miso paste to make smokey miso tofu from Vegan Yum Yum. I couldn't find red miso paste but I made it anyway, and it turned out yummy to eat on its own and I'm looking forward to eating it tomorrow in a sandwich or wrap. Here's what it looked like before I put it in the oven.

Anyways, I found some very INTERESTING stuff at this shop! A whole fridge full of vegetarian/vegan foods. Very exciting!
We picked up:



(so cheap $2.20 for 750g!)
as well as a few other things. And I didn't even get upstairs!
I managed to pick up a bunch of basil at the markets for $1 as YM has been asking for it for AGES!!! He wanted Tweenie to make the basil pesto she has been raving about ever since she made it at school.

I got a whole box of apples again and I sat down in front of a movie to peel them with a knife, chop them and ended up stewing them to make apple sauce.
I got a heap of stuff at the markets today. We got home and I felt energetic so I defrosted both my upright freezer and the top freezer of my fridge/freezer (wow!), cleaned out the fridge to fit in all the new stock and then cut, washed, trimmed all the veges ready for cooking and eating.



Unknown said...

aewsome! i really want to get to the market today, it's been ages since we did a really good shop. gotta get my hands on a copy of vegan yum yum. i love her blog

steph said...

tahn, which shop on high street was it? i've been looking for chasiu (the bbq pork you've found) since i got to melbourne and i wants it. *grabby hands*

Tahn said...

Hi Steph,
The name on the price tags says Yenson's, but I'm not really sure. It is in the same block as La Panella, when looking at it to the left of the ANZ hole in the wall.
There are two in a row. I went in the first one as it always seems busy, but got nothing from in there (and it is WAY too squishy!). Then I went next door, it is more open, less crap out the front, on Saturday they had DVD's just inside the door. When you walk in there are a heap of freezers and it is not so cluttered. Hope that description helps - if not, let me know and I can find out the number/name of the place :)
We are having it in a stir fry for dinner tonight. What do you use it for?

steph said...

My favourite way to eat it is as cha siu rice (blogged here), or stir-fried with thin strips of carrot and snow peas (in vegie oyster or soy sauce). My next plan as soon as I get some is to try making cha siu bao, which is my favourite type of bao.

I was just at La Panella last week, guess I'll have to make a special visit soon (what a hardship ;oP ).


Niki said...

Yay for Asian grocers!

I'll be interested to hear how the BBQ meat stuff goes.

And you gotta love their selection of fresh tofu.