Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trying a new ingredient

Tonight I thought I would try using the Vegetarian BBQ 'Pork' (or cha siu as Steph from Vegan About Town informed me - I love learning new things) in a stir fry.
I fried it up first and tasted it prior to adding it to the sauce and I really liked it. I don't usually use mock meats but I'm not against it. I really don't see any problem with using it, as I don't associate it with trying to replace meat. I do try to avoid using it because I imagine it is so processed.

Anyway, I made a stir fry, as I mentioned, and used this teriyaki sauce recipe. It was very nice and especially easy to make. On the back of the cha siu (see, I'm learning!) it also has a recipe for a sauce, so I might try that one next time.

The noodles are from the asian shop on High St also, and were so cheap - like $1.20 for 500g!

Took the kids to the pools today, met up with G and her boys and the kids had a blast.
I have a really sore throat at the moment and I totally believe that it is from all the talking I have done in the classroom for the last 2 weeks. I've spent the last 6 months at home on the internet (read:not talking much) and teaching really gives the throat a workout!
I've got 4 more days teaching this week...



steph said...

that looks delicious!

*cough* cha siu *cough*

Tahn said...

oh shit
**slaps head**


Linzey said...

That looks good!