Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Raw Treat

In an attempt to begin tapping into the rich raw world, I made some raw treats for the kids to take to school.

My kids take a main lunch item (salad sandwich, left over dinner etc), 2 pieces of fruit and a piece of 'junk' as we call it, which is usually a couple of biscuits, a slice of cake etc. So I am happy that the kids loved this recipe. And I loved it too. I'm such a sweet tooth and these will make me feel a bit better about my sweet binges!

(Yes, that is a Bratz plate! I really go all out with presentation, don't I?)


1C Almonds
1C Dates
1/4C Coconut
4-6T Agave Nectar (I actually used Maple syrup!)
1/2t all spice
1/4t nutmeg
1/4t cinnamon
1/4t vanilla essence
Mix altogether in a food processor. Roll into small balls and then roll into some extra coconut.

So simple! I used maple syrup instead of agave nectar because I had none, in fact, I have never even used it! Been meaning to, but never really 'come across' it. I really haven't looked but it has never really found me either! It tasted really nice with the maple syrup, but I was wondering if it was cheaper to use agave nectar as real maple syrup is so expensive!
Also I don't actually own a food processor, so I tried to use my Bamix (a new toy for me!). It was ok, but a food processor would have actually been sooo much easier and less messy!
Anyway, these are yummy and I am really happy the kids like them. I need to get the food processor that Popeye offered me a few months ago, but I wasn't keen to take it because it was a MASSIVE industrial sized one (my excuse was I had a small kitchen!). Popeye is actually a cook in the navy (although he is off doing a course to change that path - 75 days to go) and got it when they were getting rid of them, so you can imagine how bulky it is! Would have been perfect for the job today though!

Exercise today almost didn't happen. Again it was horrible, windy and disgusting! When I moved to Victoria 22 months ago, I left windy Geraldton in W.A (people come from all over the world to windsurf in Gero!) and thought I had gotten away from the frightful wind. I hate it! It doesn't make for a pleasant time whenever you leave the house! So I couldn't deal with a jog in the wind again today. So I decided to bring Viera (the TV) home from Spain half a day early so we all could play Wii fit for a bit of fun (We never use the Wii). But the bloody remotes were flat!! So annoying! I've got rechargeable batteries in the remotes but they don't last long between charges. May have to return to normal batteries so I can use it on a whim, not have to plan when we are going to use it.
Anyway, I ended up jumping on my rower for 20 minutes, 20 minutes on the cross trainer and 20 minutes on the stationary bike. Better than nothing. Must go outside tomorrow though, regardless of the weather. I had also better get to the gym and do some strength training!



Unknown said...

These look delightful! Thanks for leaving a comment the other day, too!

Jen Treehugger said...

YUMMY! These look wonderful!
I'm loving the ingredients.

Unknown said...

i know!!!! hasn't the wind been awful!. spending a week in newcaslte i forgot how humid it was. it rained constantly but was so much warmer that it is here

Anna said...

I used to like the wind when I lived in Brisbane, because it was novel - not annoying - and signalled my favourite season spring.

I hate it now, the weather in Melbs has been horribe this week!

Glad to hear you are adventuring into the raw side of things, maybe you should joing me next Wednesday for "Raw Wednesday" which I discovered on "Choosing Raw" blog.


Tahn said...

I had a thought today, about whether maple syrup was actually considered raw? I will ask my good friend Ms Google and find out.

ABB, I think I saw that blog when I was Googling raw foods. I'll go back and have another squiz and check out Raw Wednesday :) Thanks for the tip.