Sunday, October 18, 2009

Couscous with Lentils and Butternut Pumpkin

Tonight we had Couscous with Lentils and Butternut Pumpkin. I made a few changes and also found that they asked for too make water in the couscous so it was a bit sloppy, but still quite nice (the water evaporated in the pan at the end anyway).

I've just been chatting to my friends in Frankston (via email) and we have organised a Pre-Melbourne Uncup dinner at their house (on the Monday night before the Cup day), with us all getting dressed up to the nines! I'm so excited! An opportunity to dress up! Woo hoo!

I took the kids swimming today. I spent about 20-30 minutes with each one individually to teach them to improve their swimming. I would like to do this at least once a month, with the aim of 1 per fortnight. This all came about because the kids' school sent home a note for swimming lessons - $65 per child!!!!! WTF!! In W.A, the government obviously believes that it is important for all children to be able to swim and they subsidise the swimming lessons so all we pay is $1 per lesson! Even on the school holidays, they subsidise the lessons for the same price. Here, it is going to cost me nearly $200!! And as a teacher I know how it all runs (I know they are doing a good job, I'm not dissing them here, just making a point). They have 8 (YES, only 8!!) 30 minutes lessons, sharing their time with up to 10 other students and on the last day they spend the time 'playing' and having fun. I don't really see the value in that!!!!!
So I have decided to make a conscience effort to teach my children to swim. They have all got a good basic swimming level so that helps. I am a reasonably good swimmer myself so that helps too! I downloaded some swimming lesson plans to help with the progression, and I think I will help them more than if they do it once a year at school.

On a lighter note, I recently came across the website Day zero - 101 projects to do in 1001 days. I contemplated doing the full 101 projects (chosen by me- my goals) in the 1001 days (which is about 2.75 years), but I couldn't come up with 101 goals!! So I decided to make it to suit me and type up my list (I  have about 50 of them), add to them when I think of a new goal, and aim to complete my list in the next year. I also found an article called 'Thirty days to Success'. In it Steve Pavlina talks about 'testing' goals for a 30 day trial period. He even discusses how he went vegan by giving it a 30 day trial. So I have incorporated this theory in some of my project.

Here is my list:

detox for 5 days straight (0/5)
lose 10kg (0/10)
eat no refined sugar for a week (0/7) 
go jogging at least twice a week for 1 hour for 4 weeks (0/8)
do at least 1 weight session per week for 4 weeks (0/4)
do cardio at home at least 5 times a week for 4 weeks (0/20)
do 100 sit ups per day for 4 weeks (0/28)
do 50 push ups (on toes) per day for 4 weeks (0/28)
give myself  a weeks’ break then repeat the above
try a bikram yoga class
drink 3L of water a day for 4 weeks (0/28)
take all supplements and vitamins for 4 weeks (0/28)


gather supplies to take to orphanages when in Bali
donate blood

learn more Auslan
take an art class
take a  photography class
learn a new word weekly to use in conversations 


Try eating/cooking with 10 new ingredients (0/10)
complete veganmofo by posting every day of the month 


grow something from seedling to eating

watch the sunset
watch the sun rise
delete Facebook account
Have a game night
host a dress up party
read 10 new novels (0/10)
wear a dress to Shani’s wedding 
get my palm read
get a tarot reading
take the kids overseas
have 50 tv free days (0/50)
have a board games night
cook for people and get dressed up (have a dinner party)
attend a dawn ANZAC service

make a time capsule with the kids to be opened in 20 years
take the kids to the pools for ‘swimming lessons’ at least once a month


wear a dress or skirt at least one a week (0/62)
wear heels at least once a week
get another tattoo
write a will
dye my hair an outrageous colour
use moisturiser daily
tan at least once a week for 4 weeks (0/4)

To be completed Dec 25, 2010

Obviously, I have a few gaps and I will fill them in as I go.

Sorry for such a long post, but I have to get it out publicly to be accountable.



Niki said...

Hey, I love your list of goals, how inspiring! It's already making me think I should try doing some.

I will be interested to see how you go and the difference you feel in your life. Good luck!

Tahn said...

Thanks Niki!
My interest usually wanes after only a short period. That's why I thought it best I post publicly!
Let's see how I go!!